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Introducing a new fitness experience. Full of fun, adrenaline and motivation, with impressive health results.

Fitness has never been so fun. We know that exercising is tough. you need to be very motivated to break your daily life habits and find the time to workout. May you need to walk 5 miles or take a 30 min. subway ride to reach the gym, which makes it almost impossible to make it happen.

Just need to have a VR headset and workout from home. We designed 6 minigames that will keep you engaged while you are earning fitcoins and trying to build the best-in-class gym to show your friends while you burn some calories.

the Game

Meet gym masters


6 minigames for fun workouts


Earn fitcoins as you play the game


Build your own gym with those fitcoins


Share your progress with friends

what They’re Saying


This game is a really good option for doing some vr excercise. It is more than just excercise, and the art style is charming! I hope they keep making the game bigger and better because it has really big potential!
Being fit is finally fun


A great idea to trick gamers into fitness. Build your own gym which is basically a fitness arcade by customizing the layout and playing mini games. Its a work in progress and this is more an early demo to showcase what the full product will be like and at that its really good.
Fitness but fun


Great game to get in shape! Addictive and fun in equal parts with a very careful visual style. Highly recommended! Let’s crash some cans!!!
Fun and original like few others


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