ViFit training

Fitness in virtual reality

Introducing a new fitness experience. Full of fun, adrenaline and motivation, with impressive health results.

Measure your progress. Forget having to count reps, note your marks or analyzing your improvements, we got you covered! Focus on enjoying the process and your results.

Burn calories, get you heart pumping and get information after every training session.

Improve your strength and fitness, better your ingame skills and share it with the community! Sport gamification at its best.

Live an active and healhty lifestyle, easier than ever. Make the most out of each game to enjoy your workouts.

Workout in immersive environments, with the music you like and a wide range of sessions, designed by personal trainers.

Train wherever and whenever you like; at home, in the office, or at the gym. All you need will be a vr headset.