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The first exercise adventure game in virtual reality, coming to Kickstarter.

The startup Vifit Training has released their Kickstarter campaign to promote “Gym Masters”, a fitness adventure exergame to stay healthy while having a blast. 

5th of March 2021: the virtual reality and sport gamification startup “Vifit Training” launches its physical gaming VR game “Gym Masters” on Kickstarter, which will be seeking $20.000 in funding. Benefits for the crowdfunding supporters will include the possibility of having their name on the game credits, an opportunity to receive a limited edition Vifit t-shirt or even get a personalized character in the game.

The humoristic and innovative product offers a variety of minigames that combine sport and gaming for a disruptive home workout experience. The team is formed by creative video game developers in collaboration with fitness instructors and personal trainers. 

“We aim to provide people who do not normally workout with a solution that will keep them healthy while having a blast. After months of planning and testing, Gym Masters is a story-based exercise game: you will arrive in your father’s hometown and you will have to continue his legacy. Mentored by local gym masters in order to increase your experience and level up until you reach the final battle, in which you will have to battle your father’s lifelong worst enemy.”, explains CEO and co-founder Aritz Ó hAonghusa.

On the way to the grand battle, the player will have to unblock the three gym masters, and reach the experience and physical levels needed to win the final battle. The gym masters will mentor the user through different minigames, each focused on a body part – upper body, lower body or core exercises -. Not only will the user gain experience after each minigame, they will also earn objects and upgrades for their father’s dojo. It’s design and decoration will reflect the user’s experience and, in consequence, their fitness. As a user, you will also be able to share your gym-dojo to promote competition within the community .

It all seems to be a simple game until you take off the headset and the first thing you look for is a water bottle to reduce your fatigue. That’s where the physical aspect of the game comes in. The player will receive indications on the recommended use-time, posture tips for the movements used in the minigames or lifestyle suggestions to stay healthy. To enjoy “Gym Masters” from the comfort of your home, all you need is a virtual reality headset.

The Kickstarter campaign will end on April 5th, and the earnings will allow the team finnish the development and market “Gym Masters” by Q3 2021.

The mission of Vifit is to offer unique and innovative experiences through new technologies in the fitness industry to help people have a healthy lifestyle.





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